Are you suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain? Have you been trying to fig" />
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Why You Need a Zero Gravity Chair


Zero Gravity Chair

Are you suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain? Have you been trying to figure out what the cause of your pain is, but can’t quite put your finger on it? Maybe it’s the way you’re sitting.

When you sit, your body naturally adjusts to the surface that you are sitting on. If that surface doesn’t offer proper support, your spine could be thrown out of alignment. Since your spine supports the rest of your body, when it is not properly aligned, it can cause a significant amount of pain throughout the body.

Enter the zero gravity chair: based on the zero gravity position developed by NASA to relieve stress on Astronauts’ spines; zero gravity chairs apply the same principle to reduce stress and ease aches and pains for everyday, average people. The benefits that these seats offer are numerous and could be the solution to the pain you have been experiencing.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits that you will reap when you use a zero gravity chair.

Reduced Pressure on Your Spine

A zero gravity chair holds you in a neutral body position. This position eliminates the pressure that gravity places on your spine and vertebrae, both while sitting and while standing. Reduced pressure on the spine means reduced aches, pains and muscle tension throughout the body, including the back, the neck, the shoulders, the hips and even the legs.

Improved Circulation

While sitting in a zero gravity chair, your heart can work more efficiently. Instead of battling gravity and trying to pump blood throughout your body vertically, it works with gravity to pump blood throughout your body horizontally. When your blood flows more efficiently, your organs, including your heart, are healthier, and you have more energy, too.

Better Lung Function

As you’re seated in this extreme recline position, there is less pressure on your diaphragm, which means that your lungs can expand to their fullest. This will allow you to take deeper breaths, which will lead to more oxygen-rich blood and improved health and well-being, overall.

Heightened Sense of Relaxation

Less stress on the spine and less muscle tension combined with improved circulation and better lung function, you will be able to enter a heightened state of relaxation. Add to that the fact that you will be in significantly less physical pain and your state of relaxation will be amplified even further. When you are more relaxed, you can let go of the stresses and tensions that have built up in your body.

Improved Mood

When you sit in a zero gravity chair, you will also see a noticeable difference in your personality. When you are in physical pain, it can negatively impact your mood. Since there is less stress on your spine and less muscle tension while sitting in a zero gravity chair, you will be in less physical pain, which means that your mood will shift for the better.

Improved Well-Being

Combine the physical benefits that a zero gravity chair provides with an enhanced mood and your overall well-being will be improved, too. Some of the most vital bodily functions will be improved while sitting in a zero gravity chair, and you’ll experience less pain, too. All of this will have a dramatic positive impact on your overall well-being, too.

Given all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why the zero gravity chair has become so popular in recent years. From massage chairs to chairs that can be used in the home, people everywhere are taking advantage of the zero gravity chair.

Zero Gravity Chair

Zero Gravity Recliner

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