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Unique Wall Decor Ideas: Stickers, Wallpaper and Art

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Beautification of a house is not stopped at choosing furniture for a house. Never forgets that there is a part of your house which needs to get your attention. This part is your wall. Wall includes the main part of your house which observably by eyes. When people look at your house definitely they look at your wall first. So, give your wall something that makes your house become more beautiful. In this case, you can choose wall decor to make your wall become more beautiful looks. To decorate your wall you can choose several ways like unframed art, frame art, wall sculpture, tapestries, picture frames and wallpaper.

Wall Decorations for Dorm Rooms

Flowers Wall Decor Stickers

Natural Inspiring for Wall Decor Art

You can choose these wall arts for your house; make your wall art suitable with your furniture and your home decor. You are allowed to choose different wall art for each room. For example for your living room, you can choose simple wallpaper because in this room usually uses for meeting with other people maybe your neighbor or friends. Use simple wallpaper for your living room can become interesting; you can add some accessories on the wall like animal head or skin and some picture frames. But never gives your living room’s wall with complex accessories and wallpaper because it can make your living room does not comfortable.

Wall Decorations for Bedrooms

Wall Decoration with Paper Butterfly from Etsy

Making wall decor not only focuses on the beauty but also the comfortable of a house. You can put tapestries on the one side of the wall; make the paint suitable with the tapestries and never give many accessories around the tapestries because it can be annoyed. If you want to give wall art on your bedroom, give something you like. For example, if you want to give your bedroom wallpaper, choose wallpaper which has bright colors or you can give wallpaper with your favorite characters. It can make you feel happy on your own room. Also you can compare your wallpaper with your room accessories like your photo frames, picture, clock or storage.

Wall Decor for Girls Room

Not a few houses use wall decor or wall art to make their house become more beautiful. But not a few houses also does not use wall decor. This is because for some houses like custom or traditional house need not wall art, maybe its wall is made of wood. For custom or traditional house better if there is not put wallpaper although there are put some accessories to make the house well. Actually, use or not use wall art is depending on your house, when your house’s type is modern house, this is better for you to provide it with wall art.

Wall Decor for Kids

Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

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