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The Uniqueness of Country Home Decor

English Country Home Decor with Blue Wall Paint

Country style is a style which is popular in some countries in America. This style is very unique. Country style includes music, clothing style and house. Because of this, country becomes very unique and popular. Nowadays, country style not only popular among Americans but also many people in the world love this style very much. They are adapted country in their home decor. Actually, country home is still rare in eastern. But it is really popular in western. To make sure that your home decor is make your county-style home become more beautiful, you need to decor the house’s wall also. To decor the wall in country-style house must suitable with the house style, it means that you need country home decor to decorate your house. The compatibility of the house style and wall decor makes your house become more beautiful and harmonious.

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Country home decor usually concerns in using wood as the main furniture. Country home is a home which is using wood as the main materials in building the house. It means that almost parts in country home are made of wood. But this style uses modern way to design and build the house. Although almost materials of the country home use wood, it is not decrease the beauty of the house. It makes the country home decor become unique and comfortable. To make country wall decor in your home, usually does not need something complex in your wall. Country home does not need too much accessories to complete the wall decor. Actually, without too much wall accessories your wall still beautiful with suitable wall painting, it does not need wallpaper also. The first thing that you must do is choosing the suitable wall paint, you can choose the paint with indicate the calm color. Because these colors makes your house looks comfortable. You may choose light brown, white or light blue as the color of your house. You may use different color in every room of your house.

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The second is choosing the wall accessories which necessary to put in the wall. In your living room, you may add some family’s photos, some pictures or animal head and animal skin. Usually, in country home is suitable if you give animal head or animal skin as the wall accessories in the living room. In your bedroom, you may add some family’s photo or maybe your own photos and you can add some collections. In the outside of your house, you may a bell beside your door and you may add a family name beside the door also. Country home is one of the unique home decor because this is really makes the atmosphere of the house back to the past in village area. So, this home decor will give you freshness and feel homey to do your activities in the house. When you make country home decor make sure that you and your family comfortable with the wall art and home decoration which will be made.

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