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The Best and Easiest Wall Decorating Ideas

A big windowless stretch of wall that is completely blank looks quite bland and out of place in a room. The best way to make it interesting is by adding some simple wall decoration techniques. That wall decor can be simple and classy or bold and extensive. Either way, it should give a personality to the room and look good while doing so. You can dress up your blank walls all by yourself. Read on to find out some of the easiest and good-looking wall decorating ideas for decking up your walls.

Wall decorating ideas

Wall decorating ideas

Plate up the walls: You can use beautifully crafted colorful plates to decorate your blank wall. You can get plates in myriad colors, textures, and sizes. Plates are a good way to add a playful yet decorative effect to your walls. You can arrange them in a pattern, by hanging them on wire plate hangers. Place the most colorful or dramatically patterned one in the center and then spread out the other accordingly.

Set up art pieces: This is by far the easiest and a common way of decking up blank walls. Here you have the choice of picking art pieces that are your favorite or even painting some of your own if you are into it. Just one large, framed picture can make a lot of difference to the look of the wall itself. Pick art pieces that can give a personality to your home and speak of your good tastes.

Framed photos of the family: If you want to give that blank wall a warm personal touch, then nothing can beat framed pictures of your loved ones. Pick up frames of different sizes and frame the pictures of your family members, friends, and even pets. This kind of wall decoration makes the wall look extremely personalized and impressive too. Plus, you are bound to wear a smile each time you look at it.

Stripes on the wall: If minimalism is more your style, then wall stripes are a good way to decorate your wall. It offers a subtle yet definite character to your wall. Pick a shade which darker than the shade of color on your wall, and paint the stripe across. You can have a single broad stripe or multiple narrow ones. The paint could have a gloss finish or a matte one. Just pick what looks good on your wall and have fun with it.

Patterned wallpapers or tapestries: This is yet another common way of decorating walls. If your wall space is too big, then wallpapers might be a good way to perk them up. You can choose from the patterned ones that are colorful, exciting and add an individual personality to the wall. As an alternative, you can also opt for tapestries to decorate your wall.

Place a mirror: This particular decoration will give a classy and vintage look to your wall. Buy a big mirror; hand painted or vintage framed and just place it against your wall. This is a simple yet highly decorative way of decking up your blank wall.

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