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Plan Your House and Interior With The Right Floor Plan

Whatever be your requirement; be it the planning to move to a new house, or constructing a new house, or just planning a new or modified interior for your home; a floor plan is essential and a must requirement for all of them. A well designed, accurately measured and properly detailed and specified floor plan is the core element and the basis for a well-built home or interior.

Center floor plan

Center floor plan

The purpose of a Floor Plan: To make the correct and flawless design, one must know how to make a floor plan the right way. There is no room for mistakes in the program when all planning of the interiors, walls, rooms, corridors, doors, windows and all spacing depends on this plan. The floor plan of a house may indicate or specify explicitly any or all of the details mentioned below:

  • All rooms of the house
  • Toilets, balcony, and corridors
  • Lawn, garden or space if any
  • Doors and windows
  • Stairways
  • Entrance and separate exit if any
  • Drainage
  • Water lines and pipes
  • Electrical lines and fittings if applicable
  • Room interior and furniture placements
  • Installation of appliances like TV, refrigerators, gas ovens, etc
  • Swimming pools, fireplaces, sauna bath systems, etc

All these features as per requirement must be mentioned with accurate measurements and positions. Then only the architect, engineer, or designer would be able to improvise all details of the plan properly in the house. Any mistake in planning, rather plan of a new house than an existing one, would cost severely.

How to make a floor plan: There are two ways to create a floor plan. One is by manual work, and secondly by software in a digital way. The manual way has been in practice for ages since human brain has started planning constructions.

In manual planning, the sketch of the floor plan is made on paper with initial pencils. That is because this lets the planner edit the program or rectify mistakes. When the pencil plan is finalized, then the drawing is made final and redrawn with the pen or printed to make the markings and lines permanent. While the sketch is done in pencil, it can be edited as many times as wanted.

In digital planning, the plan is drawn on a computer with the help of simple painting applications or advanced floor planning software that are dedicated for this purpose only. Here also the program can be edited multiple times as required until it is finalized for print.

Advantages of digital drawing: There are several benefits of using floor planning software over manual work for drawing and designing floor plans. Since this software are designed for specifically this purpose, they provide the various user options to bring the ideas. Many design friendly templates and tools are given to draw doors windows, frames, rooms, etc. 

Floor Plan Images

Floor plans for homes

Floor plans for homes

Floor plan with design dimensions

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3 bedroom floor plans

Three bedroom floor plans

Log cabin plans

Log cabin plans

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