Home design has been a different style around the world. A home in Japan and in the Europe ha" />
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Modern American Home Design Plans

Home design has been a different style around the world. A home in Japan and in the Europe has a different design. Although it has so much difference, its different design has a different function appropriate with the geographical of the country, the weather, culture, and so on. Some of these design become famous in another country, because it has a unique, classical, or elegant design that represented the culture of the country. One of popular home designs is American home design.

American Home Design Plans

As the other home design around the world, this home design has it own characteristic. If you are love and crave a natural home, need comfortable living places, a warmth home, a good lighting, without any difficulties when you take care of you home in other hand need a simple but elegant home design, this home design is a correct choice.

American Home Interiors Pictures

Traditionally, the design of America home almost has a same design with traditional Javanese Indonesian home design; has a large yard and a porch of hall. This characteristic represents of openness; welcome with the visitors. It also has a beautiful porch arrangement; neat and elegant interior design looking. Another characteristic of this porch is a stairs in the right or in front of the home entrance and has two floors. This design is suitable for log house that has been built by wood. It’s a cozy and warmth home.

American Homes Designs

American home design characteristics come below; this is a simple home design, just like a box shape, have two or three room, symmetrical façade of windows and the door and the entrance of the house in the middle of house. The special character of America home design is the gable; triangular part of an outside wall, between the two sloping slides of the roof. This gable is in the center of the roof home.

American Interior Design Styles

Sometime, the wall of American home design comes in red brick, like a traditional farmer in American village this home design was in southern of United States. The other unique characteristic is the cornice. This home design emphasized a cornice; a horizontal beautiful carving ornament in windows or in the walls of home. To have a good lighting, this home design takes a semi-circular window or fanlight above the entrance door, and comes in elliptical shape. You can create a beautiful carving around the fanlight.

American Home Design Nashville

To limit the electrical budget, you can give many windows, as this characteristic home design. The home has many windows, you can search in internet sites, and you will find this almost all of this home design has five until ten windows; a large and a small windows. The windows were arranged symmetrically in the right, left, and in front of the house, even in the right and left of the entrance door.

New American Home Designs

Traditional window of this home design has a name is Palladian which come from the era of Venetian Renaissance architect; Andrea Palladio. Palladian window has three parts; at the top is a semi-circular fanlight, in the middle is the glass, and then flanked by a pair of glass-shaped. Usually, Palladian windows have been in the second floor, and have design; elliptical or rounded shape.  You may take is home design as your home plan design, because this house is one of the popular architectural home design in Hollywood Hills, because it is an influence and origin design in many different style of home design in around the world.

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