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Limitations of Wind Farm as Energy Platform

As the society today searches for alternative sources of energy, the wind farm is coming into notice. However, there are limitations regarding wind farms as major alternatives of energy. Wind power is a great energy platform in comparison to fossil fuel. Wind farms work by using the inherent energy in the wind as a way to produce electricity. Its methodology is very similar to hydropower, but using the wind instead of water. Wind turbines catch hold of the wind that turns their blades. This motion of turning cranks a generator which produces electricity. The power is fed into the electrical grid of any utility or stored in batteries.

An offshore wind farm

An offshore wind farm

Wind Farm – An Intoxicating Source of Energy

Wind energy usage for localized requirements has been going on for a long time. It was the Persians who are believed to be the first ones to have used it with the purpose to turn grain grinding stones. However, in the current era, the sole objective of a wind farm is to generate electricity. This means wind farms on a massive scale. Wind farms are just large collections of wind turbines in a particular area. If you’ve driven east out of San Francisco, you would have seen the wind farm along its freeway. While it is pollution-free as well as an intoxicating source of electricity, a wind farm has got its limitations.

Limitations of wind farms

One of the biggest limitations of wind farms is the electricity that is produced. In other words, they do not generate electricity in massive amounts, certainly not on the scale which the cities in industrialized nations require. Though one location is different from the other, wind is not a constant occurrence in many places. Even if it is, the amount of turbines required to make sufficient energy for a city is way too much. This leads to the second limitation of a wind farm.

Offshore wind farms

A wind farm needs to have a lot of physical space for producing large quantities of electricity. In industrialized countries, it is very expensive to get that much space. Due to this, the sheer price of purchasing land to set up wind farms is prohibiting. However, this problem is losing its grit currently like a lot of offshore wind farms have started becoming prevalent.


To conclude, one of the major limitations of a wind farm is that they are an eyesore. Generally speaking, they have an artistic appearance and are very mesmerizing. However, some people definitely do not agree to this. The offshore wind farm project at Cape Wind has met with tremendous resistance for only this reason. The limitations of a wind farm are significant at this point. As technology, as well as new approaches like offshore wind farms, have come to the forefront, these problems may all fall waysides. It will take a while for the world to catch on to using the wind power, but it is fast becoming an important alternative source of energy.

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wind turbine - wind farm

wind turbine – wind farm

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Wind energy

Wind energy

Xcel energy wind farms

Xcel Energy winds farms

Wind energy - wind farm

Wind power – wind farm

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