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Learn About the Renewable Resources

In this planet, there are many sources of energy which are limited in nature and one day will get exhausted with usage. On the other hand, there are some sources of energy which are never-ending in nature and would continue to serve as a source of energy till the time the planet will exist. The former resources are called non-renewable resources of energy while the latter is termed as renewable resources of energy.

Green Renewable Energy - Renewable Resources

Green Renewable Energy – Renewable Resources

Sources which are renewable are of many types. Some major ones are:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Hydropower
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal energy

Solar Energy: One of the most valuable renewable resources is solar energy. The energy from the rays of the sun is being captured and converted into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells. Solar cells are prepared in a way that captures the sunlight and generates electricity from it. Certain typical applications of solar energy would include solar cookers, solar street lights, etc. Nowadays many companies are manufacturing products that use solar power as the source of energy.

Wind Power: In olden days wind energy was employed in farms to crush grains. Modern science and technology have taken this usage to the next level where wind energy, another valuable renewable resource of energy, is being used to run wind turbines which help in producing power from the range of 600KW to 5MW.

The power that gets generated is a cubic function of the speed of the wind; hence with an even mild increase in wind, power generation increase significantly. Windmills or wind farms are hence located in areas where there is the constant and high flow of the wind like high altitude or offshore locations.

Hydropower: Water, the source of life also serves as one of the significant renewable resources as harnessing the water can generate enormous energy. Hydropower is being captured and converted into electrical energy using dams and hydroelectric plants.

Biomass: By the process of photosynthesis, the leaves of plants and trees capture the radiation of the sun and store the solar energy. When the leaf dries out and is burnt, the solar power is released. These leaves are called biomass, and they serve as storage of energy. Biomass is being used by taking two different approaches. The first approach is that plants are grown solely for the purpose of using them for energy, and the second method is where the residue of the plants is being used to generate power,

Geothermal energy: Another renewable resource of energy is geothermal energy which is nothing but one-fifth energy from the planet formation and the rest 80% from the radioactive decaying of the minerals. It is the energy that is stored in the earth itself. Geothermal energy gets released in the form of a hot spring which has been used for the bathing purpose since old times.

The best part of the renewable resources is that they are never ending, and they do not incur any cost to be obtained. However, the expenses behind developing the know-how and gadgets to use these sources to extract energy, but looking at the immense scope of exploiting this source, the costs are negligible in nature

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Examples of renewable resources

Examples of renewable resources

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One of the pictures of renewable resources

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Sources of Renewable Energy

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