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Know In Details about the Advantages of Solar Energy

In today’s world when we are moving to a phase when almost all sources of energy like coal, petroleum, etc. are getting exhausted fast, it is high time that we understand the advantages of solar energy and start utilizing the sun to our betterment. Solar energy is something which has a lot of unleashed potentials and is abundant in nature. It goes without saying that come what may; the world will never see an end to solar rays, and hence, the source of energy would always remain the way it is.

Advantages of solar energy

Advantages of solar energy

Where to use solar energy? Before discussing the benefits of solar energy, let us first understand how solar energy can be trapped and utilized for the betterment of mankind. Solar power gets converted to electrical energy using solar cells which are photo voltaic cells by the photovoltaic effect. Once the solar energy gets converted to electrical energy, it can be used in:

  • Lighting up buildings and streets
  • Getting electricity to remote and distant places where the extension of the electric grid could otherwise incur a huge cost.
  • Running car batteries on the energy produced by converting solar energy.
  • Calculators and watches that run on solar energy
  • Solar flashlights

The advantages are unimaginable: Now that we understand what all can be done with the use of solar energy, let us now look at the various benefits of solar energy.

  • One of the best advantages of solar energy is that comes of free of cost. There is no charge involved in capturing the energy. However, the solar units would obviously come for a price, and though they used to be expensive in olden days, as days are going, the price is falling and getting into the affordable range for even the common man.
  • There is no pollution involved with solar energy. The solar panels do not generate or emit any greenhouse gases, unlike the other processes were in natural resources like petroleum is used to produce energy and produces a lot of polluting gases.
  • Other sources of generating electric power like oil, gas or coal need to be carried from one part of the country to the location where the power grid is located, and there is a huge cost involved in it. The advantages of solar energy are that it nullifies this cost as solar energy is available at almost every place where there is human habitation and hence electric power gets generated without any transportation cost.
  • Solar energy can be used to bring about electricity in the remote areas of the country where electricity is otherwise not available. It could also prove very costly to extend the lines of the power grid to provide electricity to such remote places. If solar panels are established in these areas, power will get generated without any hindrance and at much ease.

Other advantages of solar energy are that it is everlasting and not like other resources which will last for maximum 30-40 years. Also, the solar cells required.

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Benefits of using green solar energy at home

Benefits of using green solar energy at home

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Go green with Solar Energy

Go Green with Solar Energy

Cut your energy bills with Solar Energy

Advantages solar energy

Advantages solar energy Above is article about Advantages of solar energy and pictures

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