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Green Homes and Energy Efficient Home Design

Nowadays more people in metropolitan dreams to have a good environment and also good living place. Life in metropolitan also needs more money for the high expenditure. The people will think to thrift their expenditure and to save some of their budget to the bank. One solution to thrift the money is the energy efficient home design. This type of house not only will tight the budget but also will make your home more comfortable and natural. More people start to take this solution to solve their efficient home. Moreover, it is an ideal home to make your life more comfortable and enjoy.

Energy Efficient Home Design

Energy Efficient Furniture

Energy cost of the world is rising, the ozone layer of the atmosphere is deteriorating, our forests were disappeared, pollution was increased, that become a sign that global warming has begun. The energy efficient home will help us to save our live from global warming effect and save our environment. Therefore, we can called this is a green home. Green home is not only about the particular style in design, or fantastical structure of huge solar panel and ugly construction material, but also the current innovations in technologies and manufacturing methods for green home today which can represent in energy efficient home design.

Green Homes India

This is an eco-friendly home, because there are many advantages for our live and our world. We can find this energy efficient home in a green home architecture. It will save our money by keeping the minimum cost energy and also save our environment from the high environmental pollution. Criteria of this home are generate the atmosphere in different season and weather; warm in the winter and cool in midsummer.

Energy Efficient Homes

There are few things that must be pay attention seriously when we want to make our house more efficient. The heart of this energy efficient is the insulation. Sufficient insulation can be realized in the floor, basement wall as well as the exterior walls, or the attic. Another idea to sufficient the insulation, situate the appliance household such as dryers, freezers, washers, water heaters, in the basement. These places must to install in a good insulation to maximize the energy efficient, and the appliance will help to heat our home.

Energy Efficient Interior Design

The next important thing in energy efficient home is the alternative source. Conventional electricity is use in conventional home. It’s not an eco-friendly home. Put the solar panels to save our energy consumption and cost. A CFL light bulb or compact fluorescent lamp are good for lighting fixtures in your energy efficient home although it’s have a high cost than the others light, but it’s a less harmful for environment and will provide good light, long operating life, and save the money from high energy bills. When we buy the appliance, choose models that display Energy Labels.

Green Home Design

Energy efficient home design for cool and heat the home due change the season is depend on space area, and also the budget, we can put the firm specializing provide windows and the door with energy efficient glazing. It also about the ventilation, appropriate your ventilation with the weather and the season. A good circulation air represented of the good ventilation, it is a good requirement for health, and ventilation also will protect our family against from the sun. Actually, there is more good information for energy efficient home that you can be found in any internet site.

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