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Decorative Wall Shelves for Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen and Bedroom

Wall Shelves for Books

Making wall decor can be done with several ways. One of the ways is adding shelves in the free space of the wall. Giving shelves in the wall give some benefits, such as the room looks cleaner, tidy and more beautiful. Putting shelves in the wall needs high carefulness to choose the good shelves and to make a good wall shelves. Here, you must make wall shelves which can receive many things. So you need to make decorative wall shelves. Decorative means that the decor of putting wall shelves is interesting and suitable with the wall space and the home decor. Making art wall shelves is not easy but this is not difficult also. You just need carefulness to choose the suitable materials of shelves, the functions of the shelves and type of shelves.

Wall Shelves with Hooks

Giving wall shelves in the house must be considered with the functions of the shelves. For example, if you do not have a large house and you have many home accessories like photo frames, vases, antique things, and your collections you may add some wall shelves to put these home accessories. Decorative wall shelves must be made with interesting appearance and it must suitable with the home decor especially with the wallpaper or the wall paint. This is because if you want to give multicolor wall shelves, the color of wall shelves and the wall does not contrast. Suitable color will make your house become more beautiful although your house is not a large house.

Decorative Wall Shelves for Bedroom

Decorative Wall Shelves for Nursery

Wall shelves can be placed in all main rooms; these can be in the family room, bedrooms, nursery, modern bathrooms, kitchen and dining rooms. The shelves have different function according to the room. For example, in the living room, you add some shelves in the living room to put your antique collections, vases and several photo frames. Then in the dining room you put wall shelves to put some eating equipments like glasses and plates, the shape of shelves also different with the living room’s wall shelves. Next in the bathroom, here the wall shelves have different material and different function with another room. In the bathroom, usually the shelves is made from glass, this is because the shelves in the bathroom are to put some soaps and makeup equipments and sometimes the shelves become dirty cause of water or the soap it self. Using glass as the material for shelves is to make easy when you want to clean the shelves. So, make a decorative wall shelves have to pay more attention to the detail of the shelves and the functions.

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Modern Decorative Wall Shelves for Bathroom

Stainless Steel Decorative Wall Shelves for Kitchen

Modular Decorative Wall Shelves for Living Room

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