The idea to convert the basement into the bar has been as long-lived as the basement itself. T" />
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Basement Bar Ideas

The idea to convert the basement into the bar has been as long-lived as the basement itself. Turning the basement into a bar for the entire bar lovers can be fantastic and the most convenient idea. Away from any disturbances, you and you friends are just engulfed with bliss.

Basement bar photo

Basement bar photo

So you have been planning for a long time to convert your basement into the bar, here are some  basement bar ideas and tips we offer which if followed can help you come up with the coolest bar:-

  1. The first tip would be to hire a professional. Work with a person who has experience in handling the basement bars.
  2. Secondly, the bar is the place that just like any other room should reflect your personality. So choose the theme of the basement bar just as you would do it for any other room. It could be retro, rock, subtle, sports or any other. The theme should be well researched and discussed with the designer.
  3. If you are choosing and elegant and classic style for your bar. Then we suggest you go with top leather stools and granite or a marble countertop. The colors need to be rich to reflect the classic style, like red or ivory.
  4. One of the very common basement bar ideas is that of a sports bar. Very popular amongst men. A must have for this bar would be a big flat screen television with the sports channel to get the perfect ambience. Investing in a poker or a pool table would be cool for your basement bar ideas for this bar.
  5. If you choose the retro style, be very sure of the lighting. You would want the right kind of lighting for the bar with this theme. The bar stools and table designs need to be vintage, plan them well with your designer. The life-size images from the retro era will do the trick too. Have fun planning your basement bar!


 Basement Bar Ideas Gallery

Basement bar ideas picture

Basement bar  picture


Basement Bar Designs With Unique Wooden

Basement Bar Unique Wooden



Basement bar ideas

Basement bar concepts



Basement Bar image

Basement Bar  image



modern basement bar ideas

modern  bar



basement bar

basement bar

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