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There are many people, who love keeping birds as pets and love to feed them and also take care of it. However, it is crucial for such individuals to understand that the birds also require a good resting place, where it can relax comfortably and be happy. Therefore, with proper bird house plans, it is possible to achieve this task. Birdhouses come in a variety of dimensions and designs. The individual, therefore, needs to decide on the type of bird house to be created or purchased.

Crafty birds- bird house-plans

Crafty birds- bird house plans

Things to understand: Before coming up with bird house plans, it is important for the individual to make sure what type of bird that would be kept as the pet. Will it be a small bird or a big one? The size of the bird house would depend on the size and type of bird. There are also various factors that need to be taken into consideration. One important thing is the amount of space provided in the bird house. It should be a spacious one so that the birds can move around freely and can feel relaxed and comfortable. A cramped bird house would only make the bird feel uncomfortable and result in getting hurt or even worse, die.

What will the bird house need? The bird house should be rain proof, sturdy and also readily available to be cleaned from time to time. A well-selected birdhouse is sure to enhance the beauty of the bird kept in it and also be considered as a stunning accessory that adds up to the scenery. Bird houses are available in different varieties. It could be made of metal, wood, etc. It is necessary to keep in mind the preference of the bird, its type, and comfort.

Factors to consider: As a matter of fact, while looking at the various ranges of bird house plans, the item should be bird-friendly. If required, it should be modified according to the requirements of the bird. It is important to leave about 7 cm of overhang space for securing the entrance hole from bad weather. Also, the birdhouse, if it is a box, should have a good number of holes, near the roof, for providing excellent and unobstructed airflow, in those regions, where it could become hot. Apart from this, it is also equally necessary that the bird house needs to be put along with the usage of screws for allowing better and quicker access at the time of cleaning.

The entrance hole needs to be near to the top than the bottom of the box. It also should be wide for accommodating the bird size. However, it should not be large enough for predators to harm them. For this reason, various bird safety agencies tend to warn against placing a shelf or a perching post that is close to the entrance, irrespective of the type of bird house plans that is decided.

The inside walls are recommended to be roughened up or horizontal grooves placed for assisting the hatchlings to climb onto the opening.

Bird house plans Pictures

bird house plans easy

bird house plans easily


Bird house plans

Bird house plans

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Bird house


module photo Bird House plans

module photo Bird House Plans

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