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Beautiful Exterior Home Design Plans

More people concerned their home plan or the start designing the home and little bit of them ignore the exterior home. Exterior of the home is a crucial aspect in home building and the design because the exterior home will be a value for the home although the home has a simple design or simple interior decorating inside. More people also like and love to see the house from the exterior design. So it has a significant impact on people when they decide to buy a home.

Modern Exterior House Painting Ideas

One of the most important parts of the exterior home design is the color scheme. The home must come in a good look in the color siding to have a beautiful and elegant home. There are also many parts of our exterior house that have their color. More people think about the roofs, the landscape, the window, the door, and also the wall.

Exterior House Colours 2013

The roofs have a significant role in your beautiful exterior design. Traditionally, the roofs come in black color, and you must not take this color for the ceiling. Nowadays we can find a more elegant color that suitable for our home style; red, gold, green, gray, and another bright color. Georgian, Victorian, Tudor-revival, and then Art and Craft are the different style in historical colors of the roof. Not only in the color scheme but the material of the roof is also necessary for the home. Make the roof is an investment for 25-50 year later this investment come in the material of the roof. Again, traditional material of roof is wood shingle and another natural material, and now we can put stain wood shingles.

Exterior House Designs in Kerala

The exterior home design is also about the patio wisely and the landscape.  Have a large lawn is good, because you can do many things such as plant many kinds of trees and flowers with the lawn. In contrast, if you have a small space outside the home, a small trimmed flower bush which surrounding the house is suitable for your landscape design. You can also match the landscape design with the interior design to add the appeal. Don’t put a statue as Victorian style in the minimalist home.

Exterior House Paint Combinations

The main exterior walls, the trim as window trim or fascias, and the accents; the shutters and doors can be colored in different ways. To make the house look larger, a lighter color is a good choice; then a darker field colors will appear a small house. For the trim color, it must correct the color of the field to give a house an overall look together. Dark trim color may provide a prominent window. Then lighter trim color than the field will highlight it. Notable is one point in the accent item, and a vibrant color; as we see many red doors and shutters is the proper choice for this accent.

Exterior House Colors Schemes

Some people is not comfortable to pick out the color scheme, if you are one of them, you can go to paint stores or manufacturers. They can help you with their color palettes. These colors are specifically designed for architectural style and very helpful in your color choices. Online resources can also help you to see the colors painted on the house. You can upload the picture and colorize it in any color combination that you like. Using a correct resource is a good way to get confidence in color choices before you paint your home exterior.

Puzzle Exterior Home Design Pictures

In summary, there is very much tips and idea about designing the home exterior; it is best to you to search much information and make sure that your choice is correct. You can consult or ask more people even the architect to help you in exterior home design.

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